The answer is simply love period - featuring custom t shirts and hats!

About Us

Like many of you, I have wondered what I can do about all the chaos in the world.  One night the stars whispered...

What the world needs is love. You can be love. You can give and receive love. The answer is simply love... period.

The mission of kate & roo is to gently spread a little love in the world. We strive to provide you with soft and comfortable apparel that feels like a loving hug. When you wear love. apparel, you are reminding yourself and others that love is the most powerful tool we have to navigate the ups and downs of our personal lives and the world around us. Together, let's spread a little love.


Kate Runyan, Owner


Sisters by Heart is an organization of women volunteers that provide resources, support and encouragement to parents of babies newly diagnosed with congenital heart defects. In memory of our 'little roo,' a portion of proceeds are donated to Sisters by Heart.